Change ceaselessly altering the world, is the recurrent driver within my work, integral to the method of enquiry and central to the experienced sensation of making art. Here, thresholds are irresistible constants, characterised by ambiguity, openness, and indeterminacy. These places of transition, where normal limits of thought, self-understanding and behaviour are relaxed, may lead to new perspectives.

Awareness of existing parallels between language and art underlines similarity and marked differences within my practice, with poetry the primary corner stone of my artistic vision. Tension has always existed on a subjective level between the clumsiness of language, the mechanics of photography and the embrace of painting.  Amalgamating all within my practice is an effective way to personally explore the misunderstood and illusory, allowing communication of ideas of the remembered and unremembered.

Currently my work investigates the interrelation between mediums in a landscape of personal and collective narrative. Ethereal phenomena and ideas are traversed, fusing sculpture, photography, word play, painting and more recently, video.  Abstraction is interspersed with reflective analytical thoughts, utilising the proximity of voice and image to construct a changed dialogue, searching for a larger definition of communication within the abstract structures made.