This research explores the shared narrative. I am interested in the idea that from one story, individuals can choose what words interest them most and from these words another narrative can emerge.


  1. Please take 10 minutes to read this short story, 29 lines long.
  2. Then go through the story a line at a time and highlight word on each line.
  3. Then from anywhere else in the text choose another word, so 30 words in all.
  4. Please email me back your highlighted version at [email protected].

Thank you for taking the time to help me. I will only use your first name in this process and if I develop the work to a point where I will be making public i.e. in exhibition, I will remove your name and all the texts will be anonymous.

Thanks again, Anne

B’s story

Flank, summit, hard,

Waits, bar, solid,

Forest, glimpsed, structure,

Stone, guesswork, back,

Tunnel, capture, collect,

Sense, how, relax,

Openings, zoom, hidden,

She, bedroom, mirrors,

Catching, beams, cold,

Blinding, find, remembered.

C’s story

Mountain, summit, Irish,

Trees, granite, solid,

Forest, grappling, researching,

Viewpoint, chimney, mountain,

Ventilation, silent, ventilation,

Steve, domed, relax,

Relax, zoom, hidden,

Hidden, morning, remedy,

Rose, eastern, castle

Light- house, islands.

D’s story

North set sea

Quickly waits intact

Rain mountain glimpsed

Openings stone megalith

Tunnel silent channel

Remembered remains relax

Centre truth hidden

Come sun remedy

Out beams child

We me islands

Jackie’s story

Pines, 20ft sea

Trees metal rain

Things roof structure

Stone staircase next

Built channel ventilation

Father tower relax

Sister hang interested

Lady rose beams

Cold whiteout islands

Mario’s story Dutch

Flank, telecommunications, tower

Mountains looking forward

Remains, domed, bricked up

Forest, grappling, hook

Openings, no, matter

Chimney, guess, work

Ventilation, shaft, tunnel

Opposite, sense, father

Remains( Nuttelosis Nutteloze)useless, spot

Top, sister, in

Law, hidden, interested

Morning, sun, mirrors

Focus, rays, northeast

Played, jealousy, islands